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What People Say

For many months, I have been attending a weekly mat Pilates class taught by Kathleen.  It’s an hour that I always look forward to. Kathleen comes to class prepared, and she varies the moves we do to keep the class interesting. She explains each move clearly, and she focuses on details.  Our class group likes to work on strength, flexibility and balance.  Kathleen uses her friendly manner and knowledge of the human body and
Pilates to move us along toward our individual goals.  She’s patient, but she pushes us.
I highly recommend her.


I hired Kathleen when I was recovering from back surgery, and was tired of doing traditional physical therapy.  I wanted to try Pilates to build up strength. I am very glad I did, because Kathleen is an amazing instructor, and the strength from Pilates has done wonders for my back. Kathleen is great because she’s knowledgeable, patient, and is always looking to guide the workout to meet your needs and pace. If I could I would do Pilates every day. After working with Kathleen for the past year, I am a lot stronger and believe I made the right choice.
She’s also knowledgeable in other fitness techniques such as Yoga, but I have focused on Pilates.


Kathleen rapidly revealed herself to have an intuitive grasp of the complexity of my physical condition and needs. Moreover, she fine-tuned her approach to my Pilates sessions interactively and on-the-fly.
She’s extremely perceptive and a pleasure to work with.


Kathleen’s presence alone really lets people feel at ease and joyful! Her work is incredible,
she is attuned, patient, well-trained, focused, and caring.