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“Whatever Your Goal, Pilates Can Help!”  I couldn’t have said it better.

What does movement mean to you?

Are you satisfied with HOW you move? Not just how you move when you exercise, run, swim or dance, but also how you move when you first wake up in the morning.  Are you groggy in the morning or peppy?  What about when you’re at work; do you slump and slouch at your desk as you crane your neck while staring at the computer?  Are you adjusting your posture as you read this?

Perhaps you are the opposite and you always are striving to perfect your posture, or perfect your lifestyle; but maybe you’re over striving and creating unnessesary stress and tension on your body.

You see, we all move in different ways throughout the day and throughout the situations in our lifetime.

Our inner world of thoughts and emotions directly effect our outward movements and posture just as much as our outward movement impacts our not only our emotions, but also our inner workings of our internal organs.  Which came first – the chicken or the egg?  Movement is everywhere and is happening all the time!

Check it out – the next time you feel happy and excited, take note of your posture.  Also, the next time you feel sad or tired, notice your posture.  If you do this regularly, then you’re one step ahead!

My aim with Pilates Plus Austin is to help you move well with Pilates and beyond! 

Pilates is for you if you:

  • Are an athlete / runner / swimmer / cyclist / dancer
  • Recovering from injury and have gone through Physical Therapy
  • Are getting older (and we’re ALL getting older) and want the best care for your longevity
  • Strive for mental focus and clarity for your overall wellbeing
  • Are a human being and desire to be your best in your career and life endeavors!

So What Exactly Is Pilates?

The practice of Pilates began with its creator, Joseph Pilates.  Scroll below for a video of some entertaining history on this eccentric and passionate man behind this method of movement.

The modality itself is based on several fitness and mind / body connection practices such as yoga, tai chi and functional fitness.

Just  as yoga offers multiple styles, so does Pilates.  Some classical based Pilates can be strict with precise movment and rhythm, where as contemporary styles are looser in their approach to core based exersice. Pilates Plus Austin is a contemporary style which draws from the classical style.

No matter how you slice it, Pilates is CORE BASED.  This does not mean rock hard abs and sexy six packs, though you might just find yourself getting sexier by practicing Pilates!

Core based movement is not limited to Pilates, however Core based movement is an emphasis within Pilates; and you’ve probably heard it thrown around, “Use your core!”  Pilates will educate you on HOW to effectively use / or Engage your core.

Core based exercises help us to move more efficiently while we’re going about our daily business or training for a marathon, swim meet, dance recital, or a football game – you name it.

What Will A Pilates Session Look and Feel Like?

  • With Pilates Plus Austin, Your Private or Group sessions are geared towards YOUR abilities ALWAYS!
  • Sessions last for 1 hour
  • If you have Pilates equipment (or your gym) offers equipment, then the session can be done on the Reformer or Cadillac.  Otherwise sessions are done on a mat
  • I provide props and will recommend props if you choose to buy your own (not mandatory, but highly recommended if you are part of the ONLINE Pilates Plus program)
  • Wear comfortable workout clothes.  Be prepared! You might be putting your legs up in the air, so unless you want to flash me or anyone who might be around, make sure your shorts aren’t too loose!
  • No shoes, but socks are optional
  • Be prepared to work hard both physically and mentally – Mind / Body Connection at your Best!
  • There’s a good chance that you might not sweat, but if you do, power to you
  • Depending on your ability you may be sitting, laying on your back, laying on your stomach, laying on your sides, standing… You will be moving and working with your whole body
  • Sessions are high touch (you might be poked and prodded with your permission of course)
  • Session always offer personalized education

Is there ever a reason why Pilates might not be good for me?

If your healthcare provider or chiropractor tells you to avoid Pilates, be sure to ask for the specific reasons why they want YOU to avoid it.  In some cases, such as certain types of herniated discs or spinal fusions or spinal related issues, there are some Pilates exercises that may not be appropriate for you, but that doesn’t mean that you have to avoid the other many wonderful Pilates exercises.  Modifications are crucial for just about everyone regardless of their level of expertise; especially when injury is involved.  If you are injured and do decide to practice Pilates, be sure to work with a highly experienced Pilates teacher who is educated and knowledgable about your injury.  If you have questions about your injury, or have already seen a Physical therapist and are ready to take the next step, Pilates may be an excellent next step!

Pilates Plus Austin Offers Exceptional Quality Care

Whether your Pilates movement session is for you, your mother or father or grandparents, or even your children, Every individual is treated with respect and is given ample attention and individualized education about their body.  You can read more about your coach / teacher Kathleen Crandall and her lifetime education and experience with Pilates, Massage Therapy, and All things movement and wellness related in the About section.

To book a Pilates (or Massage) session at your home or office, check out our Service page.

To sign up for Online training, also go to our Service page.

And remember…

Be sure to watch this short and sweet video on the History of Joseph Pilates. You won’t regret it!

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