Pilates Plus Austin Pain ManagementHow do we get UNSTUCK and OUT of Pain?!?!?!

Oh pain management, you are such a doozy!  And yes, movement therapists, yoga teachers, Pilates gurus, Physical therapists…. we all experience our fair share of pain and injury.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m in pain, be it chronic or acute, the idea of exercise and even the action of certain exercises keep me on edge.  I either want to avoid all exercises in part because of fear of further injury, or fear of not knowing and trusting in what exercises are going to be good for me. I GET IT!  On occasion I’ve even avoided exercise because I didn’t want to face the fact that I may have some limitations… perhaps only temporary set backs, but still, I didn’t want to face the emotional pain that comes with physical pain… But when ever I’ve avoided tending to my injuries or chronic pains all because I was afraid to face the pain, or afraid it would get worse… the worse things would get.

Take it from me, ignoring, avoiding, and hiding from pain is not the solution.


Even complaining (outwardly or silently to myself) about my chronic pains only accumulated and pressed against my pain tolerance threshold.  That’s not a fun place to be!  So when you catch yourself feeling stuck in nagging pain, my best advice is to…

Face it, get curious about it, bravely take the bull by the horns and DECIDE that you’re going to get on your own unique path of healing.


While it may sometimes seem easier to sit on the sidelines and wait it out or avoid exercise or just take a pill to numb the aches (and yes there’s a time and place for all that), but take time to listen to your body’s whispers, and remember the saying, “Movement Heals!”


Pilates Plus Austin Listen to your body


We have a responsibility to tend to our wellbeing, our body, mind, & spirit…

Let it become an ENJOYABLE responsibility…

or better yet a journey…

Not something where we feel guilty or pressured.



There’s a lot I’ve learned over the years of movement therapy, Pilates, massage, and health education studies, and one thing I’m fairly certain of is, the more we put off facing our pains and tending to them, the cruddier it becomes.  The pain and dis-ease leaks and oozes into other aspects of our lives.  It can dampen our relationships with our loved ones, our selves, our work ethic, our hobbies.  It seeps through our very spirit.  Yeah, kind of dramatic, but true.


Call to action pain management

So now what?

I’m in pain, what should I do about it?

  • Identify your pains…. physical and emotional.  A suggestion like this opens a ginormous worm hole…. so let’s reel it in and keep the focus on physical pains, for now anyway.  Let’s get specific with any chronic or acute pain or dis-ease or injury that you’re dealing with.
Have you had a professional assess you and your pain?  Physical therapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, Osteopath, Physician…

No not yet.

Wha’t stopping your from hiring a professional?
  • Money?  Takes up too much time?  Confused about who to see?

Or maybe you quit seeing a professional because after seeing so many different professionals, none of them fixed you.

So now you’ve decided to fix your pain all on your own…. but…

Oh never-mind, I’ll just take an Advil or rub some of this organic oil on my sore spots and pray it away – Oh why must this pain go on and on?

I know this pattern all too well.  But what If…

The only things keeping you STUCK in pain are your perceptions….




I’m not suggesting that the pain one feels from having a broken bone or a herniated disc is merely a matter of perception; though how we perceive our healing process, or how we manage our path of self care is indeed a matter of perception.

I don’t think that healing is a one and done sort of thing… sure, there may be circumstances when an ache can disappear after just one treatment; but the pain I’m addressing is chronic pain, pain from injury and the recovery process, as well as the emotional baggage that comes along so sneakily with such physical pains.  Healing is a Process, not a quick fix.


The path of healing is unique for each person.  There is not a cookie cutter path to healing or to pain management;


however there are numerous tested methods that are certain to resonate with you.  All you have to do is explore and start the process by taking one step of action…. and when something or someone resonates with you, get consistent with it.


So WHO can help?

  • well, you can certainly call or email me and I’m happy to help in whatever way I can with Pilates, Yoga, Massage therapy, Wellness consultations.  Contact me anytime here.


  • If you’re not in the downtown Austin area, scout out your local therapists, acupuncturists, community acupuncture clinics, PTs who specialize in your injury or pain pattern.


  • And get curious!  What sort of healing modality have you always been curious about? Why not try it out! There are gobs of highly qualified therapists out there specializing in all sorts of modalities.  If you’re still confused about who to see, email me and I’m glad to point you in a direction that may work for YOU.  *also I may write an article suggesting certain modalities for certain injuries… stay tuned!


How do I go about this?

  • Prioritize YOU and your path to wellness!  Invest in YOU.
  • Commit to tending to your areas of need, at least for 3 months.  AND get Consistent!!
  • and most importantly….



Keep inviting the possibility of full recovery and discovery of a body and mind that feels good to live in!

Simply telling yourself that you ARE healing and recovering is already setting the foundation for

an awesome journey to wellness!

healing from pain journey


Take action ~ Movement Heals.