Christmas has come and gone, and 2020 is here – Cavu believe it?! I mean Can you believe it?

This last Christmas was filled with surprises – and HOKA running shoe brand was one of them. I had reached out to HOKA earlier in the year because I LOVE LOVE LOVE my big oversized Stinton ATR 4 that I’d been wearing all year. Prior to wearing the Stinton ATR 4 I had been holding back from running due to some old past stubborn ankle and hip injuries. I mostly wore sandals in the summer months and a pair of boots all winter.

I was itching to get back into running so I knew I needed to get serious and consistent with my fitness and quality of shoes.

I got regular with specific foot exercises – which by the way helped to relieve my chronic hip tightness and pain!!

Next, I was on the hunt for the right type of running shoe. This can be overwhelming with so many options out there!

My husband and I went to the local REI store to try on shoes. He tried on some bulky cushioned shoes from some company called HOKA. I’d heard of them before. Weren’t they the company that has over cushioned shoes and they were all the hype a few years back? “NOPE.” I didn’t care to try them on… really, I didn’t want to. I wanted the thin zero drop shoe to fit me. I tried on other shoes from other brands. They looked great. They even felt snug around my feet; but my joints could feel the hard and cold impact of the concrete floor, and my confidence in getting back to running felt limp.

I looked down an my husbands HOKA covered feet. “Come on just try them on” he said. “FINE” I asked for my size and the store clerk brought out a pair of these overly sized bright aqua and pink cushiony shoes. I’m gonna look like a clown.

I put them on.

I did a little REI store jaunt back and forth along the empty aisles. My husband saw my facial expression as I ran toward him.


I fell in love and it didn’t matter that the shoes were extra bulky looking or inappropriately bright. My feet never felt better!

That was my first experience with HOKA shoes. YES I bought them and YES I ran in them and YES my feet, knees, and hips all felt ok…fine…great actually!

I was officially back into running!!

For an entire year I ran in these shoes and had zero injuries with my body. I knew at some point I’d need to replace these running shoes – I’d keep them forever if I could.

This is when I reached out to HOKA. I was curious about some of their other shoes and to find out if their other styles prove to provide the same satisfaction.

I thought maybe HOKA would be willing to send out one pair of shoes to review – maybe.

HOKA sent out four pairs of running shoes! Four pairs of shoes and each in different styles! Merry early Christmas to me.

While I will forever hold a sweet spot for the Stinton ATR 4, I do have a new close to favorite HOKA – and NO they’re not clownish or over cushioned or obnoxious to look at. They are in fact sleek, lower cushioned yet incredibly comfortable! I actually wear these more than my old time favorites – THE CAVU.

The Cavu 3 is a sleek comfortable shoe.

YES it’s an opposite of the Stinton ATR 4, yet this shoe still has plenty of comfort with its form fitting stretch. My feet felt stable in these shoes and while the cushion is much less, my feet still felt supported. I wear these shoes running, as well as around the workout studios and even all day to work.


There is a nice tongue-less feature for a fairly easy slip on feel. This is helpful to an extent. This does give an extremely comfortable fit, but is notable that it’s not a slip on running shoe. It does take effort (at least for those with higher arches) to slip this shoe onto the foot. With that said, it’s still incredibly comfortable and stable.

Check out what HOKA has to offer!