In the pursuit of movement, let us be in no hurry.

A LESSON FROM A FEATHER (or any subtle or not so subtle whispers, messages, signs, and hints)

Pursuing Movement Falling Feather Pilates Plus Austin


Sometimes when I set out for a new project or crave a new goal or need to take a step in a new direction I catch myself getting way far ahead of myself.  I get caught up in obsessing what the future might hold, or I get myself all wound up trying to figure it, and demand a clear direction on which way I should go.  The excitement and worries get so loud that I can barely hear my own intuition or even my own courage.  The idea of starting a project or making a career change or simply wondering which way to go can be a mixture of excitement and trepidation.  Too often, I think some of us (ok I’ll speak for myself) can become so overwhelmed with just the idea of moving forward or making changes that it feels safer to just stay put.  And, yeah, sometimes staying put may be the more courageous or wise choice, but not all the time.  Life is movement; and when we find the stillness within movement, what else is there to do than to enjoy it?!

A little feather falling from the sky taught me this simple little lesson.

When I give my attention to most anything in nature, but especially to something so light and small such as a feather, I immediately soften my focus and turn down the volume of my noisy mind.  Whatever is truly important in life has space to surface.  I remember to slow down and be present with what is and to truly be at that “one step at a time” notion.  And these single steps we take offer so much guidance for our heart, mind, and body; as long as we tap into this stillness and listen to whatever messages fall or float or drop into your very path.

It takes courage to slow down and to take one step at a time.  I think it also takes patience, some curiosity and playfulness, and even forgiveness; because what we set out to pursue doesn’t always turn out the way we envisioned.  And that is ok.  And sometimes just knowing that ahead of time eases the pressure or overwhelm.

So whatever the vision or goal or new direction, take one step at a time and enjoy each step.  There are bound to be feathers along the way, so keep your eyes, mind, and heart open for them and the messages they send.

Cheers to your next move even if it’s being still!

XO signature PilatesPlusAustin